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Hood Cleaning

Hood Cleaning

Ensure a Safe and Healthy Kitchen with Our Professional Hood Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean and grease-free kitchen is essential for the health and safety of your establishment. Tanzifco Express is here to provide comprehensive Kitchen Hood Cleaning services, including the cleaning of kitchen ducts, kitchen exhaust fans, and cooking units. Our services are designed to remove grease, smoke, and other contaminants from the air, ensuring a clean and safe kitchen environment.

Importance of Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Our post-construction cleaning isn't just about sweeping floors or cleaning visible areas. We go above and beyond to provide a comprehensive cleaning solution that leaves your property looking and feeling brand new. Here's what our services include:

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Process

Our professional kitchen hood cleaning process includes the following steps
  • Turn Off PowerBefore starting the cleaning process, we ensure that the power to the kitchen hood is turned off to guarantee safety.
  • Remove Hood FiltersMost kitchen hoods have filters that capture grease and particles. We remove these filters and soak and wash them according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Clean Inside HoodWe use high-pressure jetting machines, approved chemicals, detergents, and soft cloths to clean the inside of the kitchen hood. This includes the walls, the underside of the hood, and any other visible surfaces. We thoroughly remove all visible grease and dirt.
  • Clean Outside HoodThe outside of the kitchen hood, including the sides and front, is wiped down using advanced machines, approved chemicals, detergents, and soft cloths.
  • Kitchen DuctworkIf the kitchen hood has ductwork that vents to the outside of the building, we clean the ductwork using high-end equipment and other cleaning tools. This ensures that accumulated grease and dirt are effectively removed.
  • Re-Fix FiltersAfter cleaning the kitchen hood filters, we put them back in place.
  • Test HoodOnce the cleaning is complete, we turn the power back on to the kitchen hood to ensure it functions correctly.

Benefits of Professional Hood Cleaning

  • Fire PreventionRemoving grease buildup significantly reduces the risk of kitchen fires.
  • Improved Air QualityCleaning the kitchen hood and ductwork ensures better air quality in the kitchen.
  • Enhanced SafetyA clean kitchen hood and exhaust system promote a safer working environment for kitchen staff.
  • ComplianceRegular hood cleaning helps meet safety and health regulations and codes.

Reduce fire hazards with regular hood cleaning.

Choose Tanzifco Express for professional hood cleaning services that ensure a safe and healthy kitchen environment. Contact us today to schedule your kitchen hood cleaning service and reduce the risk of fire hazards while maintaining a clean and functional kitchen.
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